How to update a link to a file on Beaver Builder pages

Our Intranet website uses the Beaver Builder page builder plugin (click here to visit the Beaver Builder knowledge base) to manage the layout of content on the main page.

To get started, log in and go to the page you want to edit. In the toolbar, you’ll see a link for Beaver Builder.

NOTE: If there is a green dot next to the words “Beaver Builder” that indicates the page is editable with BB as opposed to the standard WordPress editor.

Next hover over the section you want to edit and you’ll see a blue box appear. Click the box to edit.

The module will open up in the Beaver Builder editor.

Click the Add Media button.

Upload the file to the Media Library.

After the file is uploaded copy the File URL to your clipboard and close the media uploader.

Highlight the text/link you want to edit. If it is already a link, you’ll see an option to edit the link. Click the pencil icon to edit.

If there is a link already present and you want to change it, make sure you remove the former File URL completely and then paste in the new File URL. Click the blue “Return” button to update the URL.

Click Save on the module editor.

At the top of the screen click the Done button in the upper-right, the click Save (or Publish).

All done!

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