Enabling Banner Self-Service to accept and process Graduation Applications.

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Create graduation application display rules. #

Access the Graduation Application Display Rule Code Validation page

Select a rule.

Access the Graduation Application Display Rule Selection page through the Menu Panel. This page is used to associate the rule code with other curriculum elements.

If not already selected, select the Latest History and Registration radio button in the Self-Service Graduation Term Controls subsection, then click Save.

Create the final page of the graduation application. #

To create the final page of the graduation application access letter code validation page:

Create a Letter Code:

Associate the Letter Code to HTML letter.

Access HTML letter rule page by search icons, the HTML letter rules page opens.

Embed the Letter Code with the Final page.

Access “Format HTML Letter Rules” page (SOAELTR).

Choose curriculum labels for graduation application. #

To choose curriculum labels for graduation application, access “Transcript Type Rules” page (SHATPRT). The graduation application gets the labels to display the curriculum information from transcripts and can use the existing application and transcript if the transcript type has the curriculum print options similar to the graduation application.

Enter graduation application display details. #

To enter graduation application display detail, access “Self-Service Graduation Application Display Rules” page (SHAGADR) and:

Enter the graduation application detail.

Update the name and address.

Enter payment options.

Create graduation application eligibility rules. #

To create graduation application eligibility rules, access “Graduation Application Eligibility” rules page (SHAGELR). If not populated, enter level status in General Student subsection and enter the needed details in Institutional Minimums and Overall Minimums.

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