Creating and Launching QuickFlows in Banner

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QuickFlow – Makes Working with Banner Zoom-Zoom:

If there is a process that you do in Banner on a regular basis, you can set up a QuickFlow. A QuickFlow is a function in Banner that will take you to a series of pre-defined forms in the order that you design. QuickFlows are simple to create and even easier to use.

QuickFlow processing uses the following forms:

➢ QuickFlow Validation Form (GTVQUIK). Defines a QuickFlow code and description.
➢ QuickFlow Definition Form (GUAQUIK). Specifies the sequence of forms and assigns a four-character identifier for executing the flow of forms.
➢ QuickFlow Form (GUAQFLW). Let’s you enter the identifier and access the first form in the QuickFlow. When you exit the first form, the next form in the sequence is automatically accessed. This process continues until all forms in the QuickFlow have been accessed and exited. At this point, you can execute the QuickFlow again or exit to the location where you called the QuickFlow.

Creating a QuickFlow:

  1. Determine the purpose of your QuickFlow, and identify all forms that must be accessed for the tasks you wish to perform. For example:
    Forms needed:
  2. Naming a QuickFlow
    ➢ Access the QuickFlow Code Validation page (GTVQUIK)

➢ Click Insert to create a blank record.

➢ Enter a Code name for your QuickFlow.
➢ Enter a Description.

➢ Click Save

  1. Adding Pages to a QuickFlow
    ➢ Access the QuickFlow Definition page (GUAQUIK).

➢ Enter the QuickFlow code, then click Go.

➢ Enter the seven-letter page identifier in the Current Form field. Enter the pages in the order you want them to display.

Can Change the page sequence by clicking the arrow in the current forms label field.

➢ Repeat step 3 until all pages required for the QuickFlow are entered.
➢ Click Save.

Launching QuickFlows:

You can launch a QuickFlow by entering the name of the QuickFlow into the search field. You can access the QuickFlow that has been created as long as you have access to the pages in the quick flow.

If you forget the name of the QuickFlow you can do either of the two things.
➢ Open QuickFlow code Validation page (GTVQUIK) to find Quick flow code.

➢ Open QuickFlow Definition page (GUAQUIK) and search for the QuickFlow

Any form, except the following, can be added to a QuickFlow:
➢ Main menu (GUAGMNU)
➢ Welcome to Banner Form (GUAINIT)
➢ QuickFlow Form (GUAQFLW)
➢ Any query form (Q is the third character of the form name)

Diving Even Deeper
Refer to the Ellucian Banner General User Guide.

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